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Radiant Radio #15

Radiant Radio #15

Radiant Black Takes on Animation

The onslaught of new villains continues as Radiant Black faces off against…Blaze? From C.O.W.L.?

Meanwhile, an unauthorized Radiant Black fan film is being shot in Lockport. When Marshall heads over to offer some friendly advice, he just might face his greatest enemy of all: creative license.

Welcome to RADIANT RADIO, your monthly breakdown of RADIANT BLACK.

This month’s episode takes a look at issue #15 with co-creator and writer Kyle Higgins, editor and designer Michael Busuttil, and host Ryan Sidoti (Circle Guy News, The Invincible Podcast).

Don’t have a copy of Radiant Black 15 yet? Find yours here!

Physical Edition

Digital Edition

The guys will also discuss the in-universe animated VERSUS film, which you can watch right here!

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Kyle Higgins' BLACK MARKET News
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